Monday, March 19, 2018

Anti-White Campus Bias Getting Worse

By Professor Doom

     It’s fascinating watching the progression into the dark days ahead. In Nazi Germany, it didn’t start out with mass arrests and deportments for concentration camps…first tiny minorities were targeted, then larger and larger groups until all that remained outside of the camps was the terrified majority, individuals of whom could not speak out lest there was a sudden discovery that the “troublemaker” was even distantly related to one of the groups in the camps and with so many sub-groups targeted, the entire population legitimately was vulnerable  (I’m using broad strokes here, which I trust the gentle reader will forgive).

     I remember, many years ago, when we first abandoned academic equity when it came to Asian students. They were too smart, you see, it was only fair that the entrance requirements for Asians were (somewhat) secretly made just a little bit harder than for the other students. Once this tiny crack was opened, it became ever more tolerable to grant certain other minorities backdoor benefits, at the expense of other groups.

     Then came the penalties for males. “We don’t have enough females in…” became a perpetual battle cry (at least in STEM), and now males often find themselves penalized for being in the wrong gender…even today, when around 60% of college students are female, we nevertheless see ever more programs to bring more females into the system.  With this “minority” conquered, it was time to move on to even bigger segment of the population:

     White people.

     Every week we now hear of more cries against white people, not just to give them some penalty, but outright calls for violence, even genocide against whites. A recent article highlights some of the latest outrages, and while I grant comparing this stuff to the later days of Nazi Germany is hyperbolic, the fact still remains, if any other ethnic group was targeted like this, it would be considered a terrible evil.

At the University of Oregon this month, students are exploring race-related issues in various symposia — albeit in segregated “tracks” based on self-identified race and gender.
Described as a full-day “retreat,” the Women of Color Symposium has one track for those who are “womxn of color” — and no, that “x” is not a typo — while the second track is for students who are not of color.

     I’ve written before of the out-of-control white shaming in Oregon, but that was nearly two years ago, not that much has changed. Have we all forgotten the futility of “separate but equal” accommodations? This whole concept was abandoned as a vicious lie half a century ago. If we know that giving a special place just for black students is morally wrong, how is it that we cannot know that giving a special place just for white students is also wrong?

     A brain suffering this level of cognitive disconnect is obviously malfunctioning to the point of madness, so it’s hardly surprising that the morally depraved lunatics running this system would pile on the madness by spelling “women” with an “x,” as though any aspect of the English language would allow that letter to possibly be between an “m” and an “n” in a pronounceable word.

     To avoid any misunderstandings, the university notes the following on its registration form for the presumably separate-but-equal events: “Any self-identified Womxn of Color, including Trans Women, Non-Binary and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color, are welcome in the Womxn of Color Symposium Track. We respectfully ask that anyone who does not identify as Womxn of Color attend the Allyship Symposium Track in order to provide and maintain a sacred space.”

--emphasis added.

      They are obligated to put the qualifier “self-identified” here, as the word “womxn” is not a word, not in the dictionary, and the meaning of it cannot be common knowledge. Thus you’ll need your own personal definition. There’s another odd word in the above:


     Not to shed any scorn on religion but the madmxn and madwomxn doing this honestly think the seminars where they’ll spew anti-white hatred are sacred

Apparently they’re self-identifying the meaning of that word, because in terms of the Enlightenment, in terms of our most successful philosophical considerations, holding seminars to enhance hate and destroy a particular ethnic group simply because of their ethnicity is the exact opposite of sacred, and it in fact a defilement of everything higher education (supposedly) stands for.

     As direct slap in the face to the “separate but equal” lie, these racially segregated seminars are explicitly different. Here is what the white people get:

However — the second track, “What’s Up With Whiteness,” is...intended to be a space where people at all stages of their social justice journey can engage with one another in entry-level conversations about white identity.”

      I’ve heard the lunatics running our higher education asylums as Bolsheviks, Leftists, and Progressives, among other words—many of which used to be words of pride, instead of the quite justified slurs they are today. Because one phrase invariably pops up in their ideological literature (at risk of demeaning that word) is “social justice,” I feel the best phrase describing them is Social Justice Warrior, or SJW.

     It’s very telling that among all the groups targeted, SJWs have never been in the crosshairs, despite their tendency to act in crazy ways (also known as “virtue signaling”) and known propensity towards violence.

     Now, Oregon is close to California, and so it’s reasonable to conjecture that what we’re seeing in Oregon is just spillover from the constant insanity pouring out of that state. It’s a reasonable premise, but consider what’s happening on the other side of the continent:

Florida Gulf Coast University assistant professor of sociology Ted Thornhall, for example, offers a course about “white racism.”
“Much evidence, both historical and sociological, shows the U.S. has been and remains a white supremacist society,” noted Thornhall in the school’s newspaper. He emphasized that his course was not anti-white, but anti-white racism.

     Semantic arguments about the difference between “anti-white” and “anti-white racism” wear a little thin here. In times past, it took a group of scholars to create a course, determining by consensus what material was academically relevant. Now you can just slap any ol’ thing together and call it “higher education”; it used to be the main restriction on creating courses by even this laughable method was the course needed to sell, but with the SJW takeover now the courses need only support the ideology.

     Did nobody question this course?

In a seeming pre-emptive strike at any who might question the need for the course, or its legitimacy...betrays gross ignorance and/or malevolent intent as well as a self-evident need to enroll in the course.”

     Another key to identifying the SJW is the cry of “RACIST” against any who challenge anything about their ideology. I concede he’s not exactly crying racism at anyone who thinks maybe this course might be dubious in terms of academic necessity, but, gee whiz, that’s quite the flurry of attacks against me, or anyone else with questions, here. In times past, scholars were expected to question, but now we get pre-emptive attacks against what used to be honorable behavior.

     Allow me to address the attacks.

     I don’t consider myself grossly ignorant, I’m quite aware white people have done many extremely racist things…but to focus a course like this just on the “sins” of white people is going to mislead far more than enlighten. Just as our obsessive focus on slavery in this country’s past has caused much of the population to believe only whites had slaves, or that it was a strictly American institution (instead of the simple truth that essentially every civilization on the planet had slavery in some form, regardless of skin color), courses like the above need considerable balance to be considered actual education instead of indoctrination.

      He also pre-emptively says I must have malevolent intent, although he gives little reason or evidence why that must be the case. Accusations made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence, and this dismissal is considered ever more reasonable the more outrageous the accusation. As malevolence is fairly extreme to me, I could simply dismiss the accusation here…but I nevertheless submit much of the work in my blog, wherein I often reveal an interest in making higher education about education again. I don’t wish him harm at all, and am a little curious who he thinks I’m being malevolent toward, even theoretically.

     Perhaps I need to enroll in his course, to see with my own eyes that there’s more than the obvious indoctrination here, but enough defense.

      This sort of anti-white hysteria is becoming ever more common on our campuses. First some Asians were taken away, and nothing was done. Then many males left campus, and nothing was done. At some point, whites are going to see our campuses aren’t for them, either.

      This may not be the same as the events in 1933-1939, but, yes, it does seem to rhyme.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Even A Poo-Bah Can Be Unpersoned!

By Professor Doom

     A recent incident highlights so many of the current issues in higher education today. Even though I can tell the gentle reader almost nothing of the incident itself, much surrounding it is worthy of discussion.

Admin, referencing me: “We’re tickled to have him here.”

     There’s a very depressing aspect to higher education, which admittedly has its counterpart in the corporate world: your co-workers tend to disappear. In death, many years past, a deceased professor might get a memorial or the like, but those days are past, it seems.

Admin, 6 months later, when I started asking questions: “You need to seek employment elsewhere.”

      When a faculty member leaves for other reasons, there are always questions, questions that admin usually won’t discuss honestly. Other faculty ask around, of course, but they only get a brick wall from admin:

Admin, referencing me: “He left for personal reasons.”

     I’ve been on the business end of this, and seen it many times in my coworkers. Sometimes I’ve tracked them down to learn the truth of the matter, but invariably it boils down to “he said/she said” even when I get lucky enough to talk to the disappeared faculty.

       Whether through death or other reasons, when a faculty leaves, within a day there’s no trace the person ever existed. His office or desk is quickly filled by a replacement, and admin usually makes it clear (if the faculty left under any sort of cloud) that the faculty is, to use a word from Orwell’s book, unpersoned.

     For admin, it’s similar, although they get golden parachutes on the way out, and if it’s the Poo Bah, well, then a building or two is named after him no matter how suspicious the circumstances. A recent incident has changed this pattern:

     One of the biggest problems in higher ed is how the leadership is selected: stupidly. While NFL players are only awarded huge contracts after years of excellent play, the Poo Bahs of higher ed are granted generous hiring packages for reasons no mere mortal can glean. Because they are so often hired under sketchy circumstances, my blog has cited a few times where a Poo Bah has been removed after a very short time, sometimes within months of hiring.

      The Poo Bah on campus is basically a god, but this god clearly did some great wrong. And so his name was scraped from the website, and doubtless any statues of him were toppled as well. There’s no mention of a golden parachute, so I suspect it has not been awarded. You better believe the rank and file at the school are asking questions about what happened to who, they were told, they should worship as a god.

        I’m shocked, shocked, at the answer of the university representative providing an answer the question of where the god went:

"Dr. Lamadrid has done over the last couple of years some very good work," Marcotte said. "I will just reiterate: he has left for personal reasons, and it was a little bit short notice."

     It takes little effort to realize there’s a lie here; I’ve never seen a Poo Bah leave for “personal reasons,” and I just assumed it was because gods cannot have the personal reasons so often attributed to mere faculty. Even if we were to accept this excuse, doing so under short notice, without demanding and receiving a truckload of money?


     At a university meeting, a bit more information was released, and this information came from a faculty member:

"he said that at the end of that investigation, it became obvious to the board that Lamadrid had to go." 

     There’s a culture of fear in higher ed today, because faculty who dare to speak out against even pure madness, much less try to shed light on a subject, are punished. The above quoted faculty member naturally won’t have his name attached to the quote:

The faculty member requested anonymity because Marymount professors lack tenure.

     The above is only one sentence, but the reader should take heed of the implications: do not send your kids to this school, as the faculty there cannot provide an education, since they are explicitly under the thumb of admin.

       Admin will tell you the implication I’ve given in the previous paragraph is wrong, but seeing as they’ve just been caught in a lie, well, it’d be foolish to believe anything else they have to say.  (Marcotte, incidentally, denies the quote, leaving the gentle reader to decide which version of events makes the most sense.)

…began an aggressive push to become a four-year institution with graduate programs in 2010…

      The immense fraud of your typical community college has made it hard on legitimate 2 year schools, who have changed their names from “college” to “university” to escape that stigma, and, at least in some cases, to pursue a larger portion of the student loan loot.

      Trouble is, neither of these reasons makes much sense. The point of a university is to gather scholars for purposes of education and research. Instead, we have these places re-labeling themselves as universities to (at best) escape being associated with a fraudulent segment of higher education, and (far more commonly) to grow, grow, grow, to generate more profits. Accreditation used to care about such things, but their only issue with this school calling itself a university concerned money.

cached version of a 2017 Marymount California news release that has since been removed from the university's website praised Lamadrid for his creativity and ambition. “From his first day at Marymount, on April 1, 2016, Dr. Lamadrid brought new strategies for student enrollment that immediately gained the attention of prospective students,” 

     I hate how often Orwell’s dystopia is in sync with today’s higher education, but I have no choice but to allude to Orwell again: previous praise of the unpersoned Poo Bah is flushed down the memory hole since it contradicts the new narrative that the old Poo Bah doesn't exist. Many of Orwell’s predictions have come true with frightening accuracy, but I suppose we can take comfort that his “memory hole” concept hasn’t worked out quite as successfully as Orwell thought: you can’t just toss everything contradicting the current narrative into a fire, the current age of computers just doesn’t allow it.

In 2016, Inside Higher Ed highlighted one of those strategies: a deal in which Marymount California arranged for freshmen to buy a Cooper Mini from an area dealer at a discounted price and agreed to make the fifth year of car payments if the students didn't graduate within four years.

     And again, while I cannot discuss the incident, we have yet another highlight of how higher ed’s current direction is so wrong. Only a minority of students in all of higher ed actually complete a 4 year degree in 4 actual years (and for a community college, around 0.6% of students getting their 2 year degree in 2 years is considered pretty decent….honest, we need to ask questions about these types of colleges).

      In addition to the weirdness of “financing” the student’s 5th year at this 4 year school in this manner, I can’t help but wonder why students would be buying minivans. How did it happen that higher education became about buying students minivans?

      Before summing up this mess, I give a shout out to one of the readers of the quote article, who said:

As George Orwell would say, he's now an unperson.

     Honest, I realized this had happened to the Poo Bah before I’d read the comment, but I see I’m hardly alone in making the comparison.

      So let’s sum up the questions this article raised, without even touching upon the mysterious incident causing the unpersoning of the Poo Bah:

     First, we need to start questioning why we even need Poo Bahs, as they soak up huge sums of money for little apparent benefit.

     Second, if we must have them, we need to change the hiring protocol, in particular we should stop hiring wandering plunderers, and instead hire people who have already devoted their life to the institution in question. Considering his past at a possibly seedy foreign exchange student company, it’s reasonable to wonder how he even got hired.

     Third, we need to change our system of higher education which has terrified our faculty to the point they dare not speak truth.

      Fourth, we need to start restricting the opening and expansion of schools; this school is already closing campuses, and across the country we’re seeing enrollments drop, even as our campuses expand and expand.

     Fifth, we need to stop using 1984 as a guideline for a how a campus should behave. Maybe we could write into accreditation: all campus activities must be the exact opposite of how it’s done in 1984. I know it sounds silly, but every few months I accurately apply the word “Orwellian” to a campus policy…something really needs to be done here.

     Sixth, we need to have some honesty in our bachelor’s programs. Schools where less than 20% of the students actually complete their 4 year (or 2 year) program on time should be identified, and forced to honestly advertise the true length of their programs.

      Seventh, inducements to keep students on campus need to strictly be about education. Offers to help pay for minivans should not be on the academic agenda.

       All that said, I sure am curious about what really happened. The former Poo Bah is as trustworthy as any other admin, so I don’t reckon the truth will out from him either…but I’ll let you know if I can.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

How To Close A University?

By Professor Doom

     When the government shut down Corinthian, it was a complete disaster. Now, it wasn’t a disaster for the administration of Corinthian, they all got huge golden parachutes. It was an inconvenience for faculty, but they were all being paid starvation wages as adjuncts, so the loss of the minimal paychecks wasn’t so bad, and they just moved on to the next fake school.

     It was a disaster for the students. The students took out huge loans for this rip-off school, and are still on the hook for the loans, even though the school was shut down for fraud. Their course credits don’t even transfer, even though the school was accredited, but accreditation is itself a fraud and no longer has anything to do with education.

     It also was a disaster for the students who graduated from Corinthian in previous years: when your school is known to be so fraudulent that it’s one of the very few our government has shut down for fraud…it’s tough to tell an employer your degree is worth much.

     Even if a school isn’t shut down for fraud, it’s still a bad deal for the students when it closes. Between lost credit hours in transfer, and the sheer inconvenience of possibly having to move hundreds of miles to get into a comparable degree program…it’s a mess.

      “But Professor Doom, schools close so rarely that this isn’t a concern!” is a natural response but…I fear more schools will be closing soon, many more, and not just the small schools we’ve been losing a few of every year. We’re starting to see campuses now which are converged, controlled by Leftist Social Justice Warrior lunatics, and the first publicly noticeable side effect of convergence is the riots.

     A few riots won’t close a school, but people see the riots, and this alone tells the parents of prospective students: “there are violent and insane people here, send your kid to another school.” We’re already seeing this at schools like Missouri State, which closed 7 dorms because they’ve lost so many students.

     Even if the riots ever get under control, these schools are doomed. They’re on the record as saying they’re now dedicated to social justice, and indoctrinating everyone at the school into this ideology.

     Perhaps becoming devoted to ideology is a good thing but…our students are paying $100,000 or more to go the college now. For that kind of money, they’re entitled to get something of value. Ideology can be learned for free, and has no market value. Once again, someone looking into schools like this is going to come to the conclusion that going to another school is a better option.

      Now, when a school starts to die, it generally changes to try to survive. More marketing, putting in a climbing wall, or even improving their degree programs are all options, though sadly the latter is seldom on the table. Trouble is, a converged school can’t make these choices—ideology is so important, paramount to everything else, that nothing else matters. Even if they engage in a massive marketing program, the simple fact is they’ll destroy themselves with marketing, as they’ll simply publicize how dedicated they are to the ideology…scaring away even more prospective students.

      The only solution for converged schools is bulldozers. It might not be next year, but it’s inevitable, and some of these schools are quite large. At some point, a university with tens of thousands of students and graduates will find itself shutting its doors for reasons which don’t involve pure fraud.

     Now what?

     I find myself often looking to the UK for ideas and insights regarding US higher education. The Federal student loan scam, with all the strings attached, have made many American institutions nearly cookie-cutter copies of each other. While in many ways the UK is adopting our very corrupted system, they’re still their own system enough that there’s hope of some new, legitimate, ideas coming from “across the pond.” Our higher education system is drowning in a bloated bureaucracy which cannot be the source of the new ideas no matter how many millions we give our Poo Bahs. Does the UK have any ideas for us? A recent article regarding issues in the UK might be a source:

     Much like here, students are starting to drown in debt from their “precious” education, and this in turn is leading prospective students away from higher education, lest they too become victims. It might not be quite the same as the fraud or convergence we have in the US, but the end result, a school closing for lack of students, is the same.

     Like me, the author of the linked article realizes the big disaster here is the effect the closing will have on students. While he’s discussing a near closing, he realizes we’ve got some huge disasters here waiting to happen.

      What does he propose?

…outlined meagre protections for students at universities which are closing down, offering to oversee student transfer arrangements. ..

      Wow, meagre protections? That’s so much more than what we have here. Corinthian students, for example, got nothing, and I’ve cited a few examples of students being crushed by loans for coursework they didn’t know they enrolled for. Again, I’m looking at fraud, but it’s hard not to constantly go back to the fraud when considering the American higher education system.

      Let’s assume legitimacy. Why can’t we install protections for students caught in a failing but legitimate university?

      “We already have those protections through accreditation” is a natural response…but it’s wrong. Yes, in the past, one of the main reasons for our system of school accreditation was to facilitate transfer of credits from one school to another—it’s the whole reason that, say, the syllabus for the College Algebra course at State University of East Coast has basically the same material as Expensive Private University of West Coast.

    Of course, many campuses, especially community college campuses, are completely unhinged—what’s on the syllabus is unrelated to what actually happens in the course. Oh, wait, I didn’t want to focus on the fraud here so…moving on.

     Accreditation used to allow for transfer but…the rules for accreditation changed. Now, instead of allowing for easy transfer, accreditation is actually a roadblock—accredited schools can’t transfer more than 2 years of credits (this varies a bit by accreditor), so students in their 3rd year, or later, would still be greatly harmed by accreditation.

      It’s even worse than that, of course, as most schools don’t come even close to allowing the upper limit, with many schools only allowing perhaps 24 credit hours to transfer—this is about 20% of a degree, so not just advanced students, but any student with at least 2 semesters of college would be screwed by the university closing, as a matter of policy.

      Having seen accreditation rules completely ignored many times in many ways, however, schools could just change their policies. In fact, the Federal government can fix this whole issue in one easy step:

      Any school taking Federal student loan money must accept all transfer credits from any other school taking Federal student loan money.

      And, just like that, the whole “we can’t close the university, it’d be a disaster!” argument vanishes. Yes, the accreditors might have a problem with it, but seeing as they have no problem with massive systematic academic fraud (Hi UNC!), deeply immoral behavior (Hi Penn State!) or any of the other problems I’ve highlighted in this blog, I don’t see anyone paying much attention to their crying about my proposed rule. Bottom line, accreditation has been irrelevant for decades now, serving as nothing more as a co-conspirator with schools to skim that student loan money. Oh, wait, I’m supposed to not talk about the fraud for a bit…my apologies, it’s hard not to mention fraud when discussing any aspect of our higher education system.

     Perhaps my solution is too draconian but the bottom line is at some point we know a number of our big institutions will fail. Why aren’t any of our leaders in higher education planning ahead to take care of students?


Saturday, March 10, 2018

An Academic Journal Converges To Leftism

By Professor Doom

     It’s no secret that some of our institutions of higher education have been taken over by, well, it’s hard to say what to call them. Much like the walking corpses on The Walking Dead, it seems every group has a different name for them. Bolsheviks, Leftists, Progressives, Bai Zuo…many choices. My own personal choice is Social Justice Warrior (SJW), as this name suggests both what they (supposedly) want and their willingness to aggressively fight to get their way.

     There’s a special word for these takeovers, “convergence.” Many of our institutions and companies, not just in higher education, have been converged. Because the SJW cares about ideology over everything else, these takeovers end badly for the victimized institution. So, we see riots in our converged universities, converged movie studios lose huge sums of money on movies which promote ideology over entertainment, the NFL is showing signs of convergence and losing viewers, and even converged comic book companies slide into the abyss.

     Like a monster from a 19th century horror novel, SJWs take over a victim and then slouch around wearing its skin, with invariably terrible results.

     Now, granted, sometimes the SJWs simply form their own institutions. I’ve mentioned, for example, the Journal of Urban Mathematics, with a title that pretty much says it’s not about mathematics even with the word in the title—it seems these creatures always must pose as something else, even when they’re just being themselves.

     Anyway, an old established journal is becoming converged, and it’s worth examining how these things happen, one more time:

     Convergence is seldom done quickly, it can easily take a decade or more. The journal in this case is merely beginning the slide, and the convergence here begins in a fairly typical way, with SJWs pointing and screaming “Reee!”:

But it made -- in the eyes of many critics -- a major blunder in early 2017 in asking a scholar who has expressed arguably racist views to review a book on inequality and urban education.

     If you dare to speak heresy, the SJWs do not merely shout you down. They destroy you and pursue you to keep you silenced forever. In this case, we have a scholar with “arguably racist views”…I am so tired of the cry of RACIST.

      So what if he said something arguably racist? As my blog has highlighted, everything from milk to financial prudence to engineering is arguably racist. Any chucklehead can argue anything, and such arguments mean nothing. The word is so broadly applied now that it’s pure lunacy to destroy a scholar for being arguably racist. Moreover, even if he said the most vile, actual racist thing in the past, how does this detract from a book review? This is a classic fallacy, ad hominem.

      Who are these “many” critics? Since they engage in a fallacy here, they’re not scholars, and so this scholarly journal should dismiss them outright as irrelevant to the journal’s scholarly discussion, and ignore anything they have to say.

      One of the issues the critics had was how the “arguably racist” reviewed the book:

Most significantly, Wolters chided Erickson for not considering “sociobiology.” To Wolters’s critics, the term blew like a dog whistle endorsing racial hierarchies.

     At the risk of patronizing my readers, allow me to discuss what is meant by the “dog whistle” reference. Another tactic of the SJW is to induce fear and shame. Nobody wants to be offensive, after all, and the SJW exploits this natural tendency of their enemy, decent human beings, by making them afraid of being offensive without knowing it.

     This is the core idea behind micro aggression, offensive behavior so miniscule you can’t see you’re being offensive. There are hundreds of possible micro aggressions now, and being “micro-aggressive” can lead to forced re-education seminars and even termination.

     So what is meant by “dog whistle” is a secret sound that only racists can respond to, much like dogs are the only ones who can hear a sufficiently high pitched whistle.

     Scary, right? You sure don’t want to accidentally send out secret messages to attract those evil, evil, RACISTS that the SJWs assure us are hiding under every bush.

     These fear tactics and use of logical fallacies are not the acts of scholars, and these “critics” should be ignored as having nothing scholarly to say. Sadly but understandably, the cry of “reeee” is quite annoying, and so this scholarly journal will respond to it:

But the AHR, as the journal is known, quickly apologized.

     So, the journal apologized for the invisible and secret errors it made. It seems harmless enough, but apologies are taken as admission of wrongdoing…and that only makes the SJW more aggressive.

     Now there must be changes in policy:

…that the editorial board be expanded to 16 members, from 13, with an eye to diversity and a “far less rigid adherence to defining board slots solely by geographic and chronological ‘field,’ as has long been the practice, 

     First comes what are often referred to as “diversity hires.” The board is summarily going to be expanded, and the rules will be changed so that the new members need not be scholars, but instead will be Warriors of Social Justice.

     Again, it seems harmless enough, but this is where it always starts. See, the SJW has the fiercest “in group preferences” of any group on Earth. The only people SJWs tolerate are other SJWs. With 3 on the board, they only need 6 more to have a majority and converge this scholarly journal. How to get to those extra people?

     Past this point, I’ll stop quoting from the article, but I’ll conjecture based on the evidence so far, and what I’ve seen in other institutions with my own eyes. Here’s how it will go:

     The 3 SJWs newly added to this editorial board will look at the other 13 members, and decide who is the weakest, most vulnerable to their tactics.

     They’ll target this victim, and in unison point and cry RACIST!

     The last time they did this, they got three SJWs added to the board. The journal apologized before, and ceded to their demands…it’s very natural to expect to get the same results from the same behavior, so you can bet at least one of those board members will find himself quite destroyed, and the newly empty position will be filled by another SJW (because they’ll point and cry REEEE if any other kind of person is selected).

     Then they’ll go to the 12 remaining members. They’ll look to see who, if anyone, tried to defend the previous guy they destroyed, and destroy this person. The others on the board will get the message by then…and then it’s game over for this journal, and it will go the route of every other converged organization: a spectacular crash and burn.

     The comments section doesn’t fail to disappoint—I’m hardly the only one to see this structure time and again, though there is one guy saying it’s all hunky dory and, of course, hinting that anyone who dares to disagree with what’s happening at the journal is RACIST, or what it’s more commonly called now, conservative:

Your one-sentence reduction of "decolonization" to a conservative stereotype…

     I guess we can argue whether my observations are correct here but…I’m making a prediction. Let’s give it a few years and see how it turns out. If creating three new diversity positions means all the complaints stop and it’s all happiness on the journal, I’ll concede I was quite wrong.

     I’ll try to remember to come back to this in 2023 and see what’s happened, though I suspect the validity of my prediction will be revealed long before then.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Molesting Doctor Causes President To Resign

By Professor Doom

     2017 was the year of the publicized sex scandal. Granted, the phrase “casting couch” didn’t come from nowhere, it’s been long known that in Hollywood an actress might well have to advance her career on a couch.

     Other “obvious” places where sexual shenanigans occurred didn’t seem to get nearly as much attention. Perhaps I just have a cynical mind, but I sometimes wondered when I’d see some 10 year gymnast girl rushing to hug her bloated, 50-something male trainer after another bouncing performance: why exactly did the coach decide to spend all his time around prepubescent girl gymnasts? To judge by his physique, he clearly was never a gymnast himself, after all, so it can’t for much love of gymnastics…so it must be the girls, right? Similarly, some of the support staff here, in this case the team doctor, lead me to wonder a bit what they’re doing there.

     There have been, of course, a few gymnastics sex scandals, but they don’t seem to get much coverage. Perhaps there were just so many sex scandals last year that it’s hard to cover them all in detail, I’ll grant that, but a recent scandal at Michigan State has caused the downfall of their leader:

     I’m going to give the president here some tentative props, because so far there’s been no talk of issuing a golden parachute. She’s basically falling on her sword over this scandal, taking the personal blame for a long running pattern of abuse in their gymnastics:

Simon said she had planned to retire in 2016, but postponed her departure after learning of allegations about Nassar, a former team USA Gymnastics doctor who pleaded guilty in November to sexual assault. In a statement released Wednesday night, she spoke directly to survivors, who have challenged her in harrowing testimony in recent days.

     Again, this is quite honorable. She was about to retire, but decided to hang on and take the heat for an additional year, in an attempt to do something about this scandal. This is how a legitimate steward of an institution of higher education should act: don’t leave a mess when you leave. Considering how often I’ve seen Poo Bahs abandon schools in huge financial distress or otherwise in dire straits, I commend her resolve, and can accept that at some point you must pass the torch no matter how much it’s sputtering.

"We agree with Dr. Simon that it is now time for change," Breslin said. "President Simon has served with distinction as MSU's president for 13 years and has been a constant presence at the university for more than 40 years. She literally has devoted her entire professional life to this institution,…

     I apologize if I’m gushing overmuch here, but I really want to point out that the above is what the leaders in high education used to commonly be like: people who dedicated their lives to the institution. Now our administrators are typically people who spend 5 years or less at each place they go, plundering and looting as best they can before moving on and up in the system. “Must have spent at least a decade here” should be a requirement for hiring into an administrative position at a school; if we used that as a requirement today, we’d lose some 95% of our administrators on campus (and, truth be told, if we did lose that many, our institutions would probably run just as well).

      Enough praise for the president’s attempt to deal with this nightmare…let’s talk about the nightmare:

Nassar was sentenced after more than 150 women testified about sexual abuse they had suffered in a period spanning two decades.

      The short discussion is the team doctor was using his position to sexually molest the young girls under his care…and we’re talking well past 100 such girls. He obviously didn’t do it overnight, and this leads to how fingers were pointed at the university:

Women have said they complained to Michigan State athletics officials as early as 1997. In 2014, Nassar was cleared in an investigation by the school after a woman alleged he assaulted her.

     As I’ve said before, quirks in our laws allow universities to investigate even pretty serious alleged crimes on campus. Because admin controls the entirety of the investigations, it’s fairly easy for extraordinarily criminal activity to simply be ignored.  The above hints at 17 years of complaints…one would hope that the 2014 investigation wasn’t the first time those complaints were looked at.

Attorneys for Michigan State have said Nassar's sexual abuse was invidious in form, difficult to detect, and that university officials did not mishandle prior complaints.

     I grimly laugh at the above: Michigan State investigated itself, and cleared itself of wrongdoing in its investigative practices. I’m shocked, shocked, at this. I’ve certainly seen this sort of idiocy enough times, but I really want to hammer down the conflict of interest here. They say they didn’t “mishandle” the investigation, but the gentle reader needs to understand Michigan State gets to define what “mishandling” is. Whatever Michigan State did in response to a crying little girl saying she was raped, including slapping the girl in the face and throwing her out of the Dean’s office, will, by definition, be considered proper handling of the complaint.

     So, yeah, I can see why some might not be convinced that the investigation of these complaints might not have been as diligent as one might hope…especially when these types of complaints must have been fairly regular (over 150 girls say it happened, after all…), over nearly 20 years.

      Was the president involved in the cover-up here? It’s hard to say, but seeing as the complaints started over 5 years before she became president, it’s quite possible the entire cover-up infrastructure was built before she arrived in office…through long experience of other administrators involved, those little girls could easily have been silenced long before what they were saying made it to the president’s office.

     Allow me to clarify the obvious implications of the above: in order for about 20 years of complaints to have been silenced, an entire infrastructure of conspirators must have formed, working together. I again point out most administrators don’t spend even 5 years in one position…lots of people must have been involved in covering this up, and the conspiracy spread through generations of administrative bureaucracy.

     And yet, only the president is losing her job over this…and only because she resigned. Ok, yeah, I guess the doctor lost his job, too but I promise, promise, promise the gentle reader: there was a whole corrupt infrastructure here, and while I respect the president’s actions, if the next president coming in doesn’t vow to root out all the other conspirators, I have another promise to make:

     It will happen again, and probably take another 20 years before the scandal becomes public.